怀念Dale Ward (三): 司机的转变

Dale Ward01 (200 x 150)2006年10月10日生命之光广播电台的节目部经理,Dale Ralph Ward,逝世。虽然Dale已经走了,但是他给我留下了很多很好的回忆。1996年,Dale,生命之光广播电台的总裁Charles Caudill,和我一起去中国旅游一个多礼拜。我们在上海和北京待了两三天,玩的很愉快,但是他们最喜欢的城市不是北京、上海,乃是西安。









Memories of Dale Ward /03:
Dale Changed a Taxi Driver in Xi’an

On October 10, 2006, the Executive Producer for World Christian Broadcasting, Dale Ralph Ward, passed from this life. Even though Dale has gone, he left me with many good memories.

In 1996, Dale, Charles Caudill, President of World Christian Broadcasting, and I went on a trip to China together. We were in Beijing and Shanghai for two or three days and enjoyed our time in those places very much. The city that Dale and Charles enjoyed the most, however, was neither Beijing nor Shanghai, but Xi’an.

Whenever one mentions “Xi’an” to an American, he immediately thinks of the terra-cotta soldiers buried there by Emperor Chin Shihuang, and unearthed not too many years ago. If an American has the opportunity to visit China, the itinerary must include time to see the terra-cotta soldiers in Xi’an, an important cultural heritage indeed. Our small group was no exception, and so we arranged tickets for Xi’an where we saw the 2200-year old terra-cotta soldiers. All of us stared as we wondered how could these have been made, what kind of society existed back then, what kind of an emperor was Chin Shihuang, and what kind person he was.

After we returned to the USA, people asked Charles and Dale what their favorite place was in China, and what made the deepest impression on them, they always replied “Xi’an, and the terra-cotta soldiers.”

Besides the terra-cotta soldiers, I especially remember a person in Xi’an, one of our taxi drivers. The morning we left Xi’an, our hotel arranged for a taxi to take us to the airport, but when the driver saw Dale, he became upset and didn’t want us to get into his car. “Why?” you ask. Because Dale was so large! At that time, Dale weighed about 150 kilograms. To that, add Charles, and me, and add our luggage. The driver thought his taxi couldn’t handle all the weight, and he almost didn’t let us get in. After we all piled in, the driver continued to mumble and grumble in order to let us know how unhappy he was.

It was some distance from city central to the airport. Since Dale was so large, we let him sit in the front. Sitting in the front, it was easy for him to talk to the driver, but because Dale couldn’t speak Chinese, I translated. Dale began talking to the driver and expressed interest in him personally. Dale asked some very polite but simple questions, such as, was driving a taxi a good job, how many hours a day did he drive, how many people were in his family, did he make enough money to support his family, and other questions like these. Dale also apologized to the driver and said that he hoped the additional weight did not harm the car.

So, what happened? The driver was surprised, moreover, he appreciated Dale’s concern, and little-by-little his attitude changed. His unhappy face turned into a smile, and the black cloud that hung over his head turned into sunshine. The driver realized that this American was a good man, and so he seized the opportunity to talk to him; he asked Dale some questions too. Soon the two were enjoying a conversation.

When we arrived at the Xi’an airport, the taxi driver not only shook Dale’s hand, but he picked up Dale’s suitcases and personally carried them into the airport! By the time they parted they had become good friends.

This is one of my most pleasant memories of Xi’an, and from it I learned much. I learned how the good attitude of one person can change the misperception of another.

Dale was a Christian, and all that Dale expressed that day was the Christian philosophy of life. Dale loved that driver with the love of God, and followed the example of Jesus Christ and changed someone who was unhappy with him into a friend.

I believe that sometimes you and I also run into people who misunderstand us or take exception to something we do or say. In such a case, we too should adopt a good attitude toward the person, and choose our words carefully in order to help him cool off and think clearly about the facts of the matter. This is just what we are told in the book of Proverbs in the Bible: “A soft answer turns away wrath” (15:1). Dale was an example of this statement.

怀念Dale Ward (三):  司机的转变
Memories of Dale Ward /03:
Dale Changed a Taxi Driver in Xi’an
By Edward Short
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