怀念Dale Ward (五): 死亡观

WCB_logo_03 (159 x 160)2006年10月10日凌晨4点钟, Dale Ward,平安地断了气,离开了这世界。他是生命之光广播电台的节目部经理。




Dale Ward02 (200 x 250)Dale在医院的态度就体现了基督徒人生观。大夫们,护士们,医院工作人员,包括送菜的和管理卫生间的都认为Dale的态度和一般病人的态度不一样。


从Dale Ward入院一直到他平安地离开了人间时,他活出了基督徒的人生观,信仰观和死亡观。他一直把握着基督徒的复活观。


Memories of Dale Ward /05: Attitude Toward Death
By Edward Short

About 4:00 a.m. on October 10, 2006, Dale Ward passed peacefully from this life. Dale was the Executive Producer for World Christian Broadcasting.

Dale’s death was unusual in many ways. When I say “unusual,” I don’t mean that he met some tragedy such as a car wreck or an airplane accident. I don’t mean that he died at an unusually young age—he was 62—or that he passed away suddenly; he had had congestive heart failure for several years. (In fact, however, the day Dale entered the hospital, we had no idea that he would pass so quickly.) What I mean by “unusual” is that while Dale was in the hospital, all that he did and said, his demeanor, his thoughts, his conversations, and his attitude toward death were all very unusual, and are rarely seen.

Even though I’m a Christian and a minister of the gospel, even though I’ve witnessed a number of people face death, only a few times have I ever seen someone face death like Dale did. Dale didn’t react to his situation in anger. He didn’t blame the doctor for not being able to cure his illness. He didn’t feel like God cheated him because he wouldn’t be able to see his grandchildren grow up. Knowledge that he was about to die didn’t cause him to loose his faith. Rather, Dale expressed the desire that God’s will be done in his life, and he wanted to give himself over completely to making God’s will manifest in his life.

Dale smiled, and sometimes he joked. Each time I visited him in the hospital, Dale asked me to read to him from the Bible, and to pray for him.

What other attitudes did Dale express? He held the hand of Jesus and walked the Final Road that each of us must walk. As King David said in the book of Psalms, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me,” Dale also completely trusted in God, his Father in heaven. When Dale prayed, he prayed in faith; when he spoke, he spoke with confidence in the future, knowing that God would do for him what was best. Jesus Christ was Dale’s strength, salvation and comfort. Dale put himself into the safe arms of the Lord. He believed that one day in the presence of God was far better than a thousand days of suffering in the body. Dale had believed in Jesus Christ from childhood, and so while lying on his bed in the hospital and knowing that his life would end, deep in his heart he had peace, the peace that God gives. Dale possessed “the peace of God which transcends all understanding,” the peace “that will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” [Philippians 4:7 NIV].

Dale’s attitude in the hospital was the embodiment of the Christian philosophy of life. The physicians, the nurses, other hospital employees including those who brought food trays and those who cleaned the bathrooms, all thought that Dale’s attitude was different from that of most other patients.

This unusual attitude that Dale possessed came from his faith. He was a Christian; he put his faith in Jesus Christ. Dale knew that Jesus loved him and cared for him. He knew that Jesus had already walked this road that all mankind must tread, that Jesus had accepted suffering by being nailed to a cross and dying, and so Jesus completely understands our pain. Dale also knew that Jesus was raised from death and had vacated the grave. Having overcome death, Jesus gave the hope of resurrection to his disciples. Dale was a disciple of Jesus, so deep in his heart, he had the hope of eternity and the promise of eternal life; he faced the future with confidence.

From the time that Dale entered the hospital until he peacefully passed from this life he embodied the Christian philosophy of life and faith, and the Christian view of death. He always held tightly to the Christian belief in resurrection.

If you admire Dale’s philosophy of life, you too can come to know the same Jesus Christ whom he knew; you too can become a Christian. Read the Bible, wherein you’ll find all about who Jesus is, how he loves you, and what he’s done for you. To find out how to become a Christian, read the book of Acts in the New Testament. I also invite you to visit our website or to write me a letter.

怀念Dale Ward (五):  死亡观
Memories of Dale Ward /05: Attitude Toward Death
作者:谢德华 By Edward Short
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